ReBuilding Hope for Seniors Application

Please print out the application that is available for download below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Mountain Country Homes of Hope office at 417-335-2015.

Click here to download the application

Qualifications to Apply

Do You Qualify for Homes of Hope’s ReBuilding Hope for Seniors Program?

What is ReBuilding Hope for Seniors? ReBuilding Hope for Seniors offers home maintenance, repair and quality-of-life improvement assistance to seniors (60 and older) who are living on a fixed income and who own or are purchasing their home. This is a payment for services program; however, we offer affordable repayment plans (see below) which are adjusted to the homeowner’s budget. The first $300.00 in repairs are free and projects are capped at $1,500.00. Projects addressed include: cleaning gutters, caulking windows, constructing handicap ramps, replacing a sink, toilet, door, hot water heater, minor roof repairs, furnace and air conditioner repair, etc. The benefit of this program is that costs are paid for, up front, by ReBuilding Hope for Seniors. This benefits the homeowner who may not have the immediate funds to pay for the needed maintenance or repairs. All costs are actual without markup or interest. Payment for services received allows us to help more people and empower the ones receiving help to help others.


Qualifications and Guidelines:

  1. Applicants must be at least 60 years of age, and yearly income must be between $10,000 (minimum) and $24,000 (maximum).
  2. ReBuilding Hope will only consider repairs to stick-built houses, mobile homes or modular homes in good condition. We do not consider rentals, RVs or homes that have been zoned commercial.
  3. We do not remodel, build additions or perform extensive excavation work.
  4. Applicants must live in Taney County.
  5. Applicants must own or be purchasing their home, and occupied by the owner(s). We do not do maintenance or repairs on any rental property. We require proof of ownership, homeowner insurance and income.
  6. Applicants with approved projects are required to provide requested substantiating evidence of ownership of the home before work can commence.
  7. Applicants’ property must be in compliance with all Planning and Zoning codes of the respective township or Taney County and without liens or other encumbrances except for a first mortgage.


When the application is returned it is turned over to the Project Committee. If the work requested falls within the scope of repairs and improvements we provide, a staff member will call to schedule a site visit with the applicant. After the site visit, applicants will receive a letter within one (1) month notifying them as to whether or not their project has been approved. If approved, applicant will receive a written estimated cost, an Agreement to Repay (if the project is over the gratis $300.00), a Liability Waiver and an Agreement to Proceed. The applicant must sign and return all documents before any work can commence.  Depending on the scope and urgency of the work, maintenance/repairs will usually be completed within one to two months after applicants’ approval. (Exterior work is contingent on weather conditions.)


Cost of Repairs *SUGGESTED Repayment Time
Labor Only: $12.00 an hour 10 hours maximum.
Up to $300.00 No Charge
$301.00 to $500.00 6- 18 months
$501.00 to $750.00 12- 18 months
$751.00 to $1,000 18- 24 months
$1,001 to $2,000 24- 42 months
$2,001 to $3,000 60 months (5 years) maximum repayment period

*(Length of repayment time is determined by current monthly bills and other financial obligations.)

If you or someone you know would benefit from the ReBuilding Hope for Seniors program, please contact our office at 417-335-2015 or click here to download the application.

ReBuilding Hope for Seniors is a Mountain Country Homes of Hope program

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